Chakras:  Overview

Chakras may be thought of as energy centers both within and outside the body. They allow us to pull subtle energies in from the cosmos and translate that energy into useable data for and toward the evolutionary movement upward. Chakras function like subtle vortexes calibrating inflows and, in some cases, radiating out what flows in. The Unified Chakra Meditation references a column about four inches in diameter. It extends from the eighth chakra (emotional body) down the center of the body and through the physical chakras to about eight inches below the feet. This column supports a tube of Light about 1¾ inches in diameter. The tube runs exactly down the center of the entire length of the column. The ‘Waves of Metatron’ (see Alpha-Omega Chakra below) move through this tube of Light.
There are seven major and generally accepted chakras that are associated with the physical body. Traditionally, they are identified numerically One through Seven and named according to their location. In the Unified Chakra Meditation, the starting point is at the base of the spine with Chakra One traveling upward, i.e., Chakra Four is the heart and Chakra Seven is the crown (top of the head). 
Chakra One, located on the coccyx at the base of the spine is called the base chakra or the root chakra. Many teachings refer to this chakra as the location of Kundalini energy. Kundalini is the energy source that (traditionally) rises up from the base of the spine and flows up through the spinal column ‘turning on’ all the chakras as it blasts out through the crown, creating an enlightened state. The root chakra is associated with physical survival, the security of our body and our identity as a human individual. Unlike the other six chakras, the root does not have an endocrine gland connection. 
Chakra Two, located in the naval area, is referred to as the spleen chakra, the naval chakra or the sex chakra. It flows creative energy in the form of human creation, artistic creation, and prosperity. The endocrine connection associated with Chakra Two is the gonads. 

Chakra Three
, located in the solar plexus area, is the chakra associated with instinct, dynamism, and our sense of personal willpower. The endocrine connection associated with Chakra Three is the adrenals.

Chakra Four, the heart chakra, is considered the center of the physical chakra system. It has been called the ‘seat of the soul,’ as unconditional love, intention, compassion, understanding, empathy and forgiveness find their home here. Here also is the center of all healing – pure love. In the Unified Chakra Meditation, all the energy systems within and outside of the body are brought in and through the heart chakra in order to balance the flows entering into and radiating out of the body and its field. The endocrine connection associated with Chakra Four is the thymus. 

Chakra Five, the throat chakra, is considered by some to be the place of clairaudience (paranormal hearing). This chakra balances the flows of communication, creativity in the form of self-expression, wisdom and learning. The endocrine connection associated with Chakra Five is the thyroid. 

Chakra Six, the brow chakra, is believed to be the place of clairvoyance, telepathy, the ability to receive and decode light images. Also known as ‘the third eye,’ this is the chakra that puts our life in perspective. The endocrine connection usually associated with Chakra Six is the pituitary, and sometimes the hypothalamus.

Chakra Seven, located at the very top of the head, is associated with inner wisdom and dimensional consciousness. Known as the crown chakra, it is considered to be the center of pure consciousness. Some consider the crown to be the doorway leading to detachment from the illusion/material world and, hence, our vehicle for conscious union with God. The crown encompasses the head, the brain and the ductless glands within the brain. The endocrine connection traditionally associated with Chakra Seven is the pineal gland. In some belief systems it is also associated with the pituitary gland. 
The Alpha and Omega chakras exist outside of the physical body. To my knowledge, they have not been addressed in chakra information prior to the late 1980’s and early 90’s. These centers have been dormant for humanity as a whole until the mid 1990’s. The beginning of the new millennium we all received a mega shot of divine energies to help us remember our true identity (and I suspect, to help us survive the transformational shifts happening here and now).
The following information, taken largely from “What Is Lightbody?” by Tashira Tachi-ren, has been condensed and consolidated as an overview to promote understanding when doing the Unified Chakra Meditation.
The Alpha and Omega chakras are finely tuned regulators for electric, magnetic and gravitational waves. They serve to anchor us to the frequency for the divine structural blueprints for all sentient species. When open and operating, these centers regulate wave amplitude and frequency (Waves of Metatron). These waves stimulate and support the flow of pranic life force energy in the 1¾ inch tube of Light (mentioned in paragraph one of this article). The waves assist in coordinating the physical body’s transformation to the preexisting template of one’s Lightbody.  Our Lightbody (or immortal body of Light) is the primary communication link between the soul, the brain, the center of inner wisdom and universal consciousness.
The Alpha Chakra, located 6-8 inches above and about 2 inches forward from the center of the head, connects one to the immortal body of Light, which vibrates at a level described as ‘completely spiritual’ … no more me, my, mine.

The Omega Chakra, located 8 inches below the end of the spine, connects one to the planetary hologram and to the entire holographic grid of incarnations. (Note: This is NOT a karmic connection.)
(Think of the Alpha Chakra as the repository of time/space imprints and the Omega Chakra as the key to entering that repository.)
Chakra Eight (emotional body) is located at the exact center of the head, 7-9 inches above the Alpha Chakra. It is the etheric blueprint for the ‘karma game’ – stuck places where flows aren’t moving in a coherent way are here. It is also the master control for mutational changes of the body systems and for merging body energies through the Oversoul. Emotional body tends to live in the past.
Chakra Nine (mental body) is located above Chakra Eight. The function of the mental body is to determine your reality. Mental body tends to live in the future and does not like change.
Chakra Ten (spiritual body) is located above Chakra Nine. It flows information from your own spirit into your other chakras. It is responsible for forming your unified field, which connects you to Oversoul, Christ Oversoul and I Am Presence. It makes you transpersonal rather than personality based.
Chakra Eleven (Oversoul) is located above Chakra Ten. It is instrumental in the development of the higher frequency circulatory system. This system heightens sensitivity and magnification of the physical senses. It has many interdimensional functions designed to connect us with other systems. It also communicates the reprogramming necessary to shift into Light.  This chakra is often referred to as "the gate" or "passageway" into other dimensions.
Chakra Twelve (Christ Oversoul) is located above Chakra Eleven. This is the Christed level of your spirit self – Divine Love, Will and Truth. (Christ is identified here as a level of consciousness/a frequency of awareness.) It helps to restructure the meridians of your body necessary to shift into Light.
Chakra Thirteen (I Am Oversoul) is located above Chakra Twelve, often referred to as the ‘I Am Presence,’ the individualized presence of God appearing AS you.

Chakra Fourteen (the Source) is located above Chakra Thirteen. This refers to God, The OneSelf, The Source.
  • What Is Lightbody by Tashira Tachi-ren
  • An Ascension Handbook by Tony Stubbs


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