June Gates of Change

Since this month is the debut of www.spiritualresources.info, I guess you could say we ARE What’s New, as well as What’s Happening.

There seems to be a compelling need to reach out to one another these days. Many people want to share experiences, seeking comfort for their pain and, perhaps, validation for their courage. Cyberspace has given us a vehicle to connect with one another, to open our hearts and lives to family, friends and strangers, in a way not possible before. I don’t know about you, but I have been amazed at the Facebook, Twitter phenomena. The Internet has become a highway of companionship, relationship and networking, illustrating the power of ‘find a need and fill it.’

Through vehicles like Facebook and other social networking sites, a broad spectrum of humanity is cultivating a growing global family. The pictures shared, the news exchanged and the camaraderie are not unlike a community, albeit a cyber one. And as in any community, finding and tapping into its resources is necessary in order to grow a healthy, balanced and honorable environment. The Internet has embraced and supported social networking and its diverse connections. SRi is a resource designed to offer people a way to expand those social connections into a spiritual one as well. It feels as though SRi and similar sites are an extended step in the social Internet evolution.

We are just getting started and welcome this evolving cyber community to grow with us and to develop a spiritual kinship with each other.

The Opportunity

How about that opportunity agreement we signed up for…..Remember? Anyone else out there feeling like you’re living in a disaster flick? Volcanoes erupting, tsunamis raging, regular people behaving in abnormal ways. And what’s with this greater than average disclosure energy? You know, companies, politicians, whole governments getting ‘found out’ … nothing can be hidden any more … all is exposed to the light of … well, it’s more powerful than the light of day … more like the light of transformation. What’s really happening here? Consider this …

If you were offered an opportunity to express your creativity across a wide spectrum of circumstance and loving exchange, an opportunity designed and maintained by the perfection of divine love, would you take it? (That sounds good, kind of fun, right?) To provide optimal variety for your creative experience, you are given one tool: CONTRAST … you know, good/bad; rich/poor; dark/ light. To a vast creative being like you, this is probably an opportunity too tempting to resist.

Actually, you … or I should say we … did not resist. We accepted this rare gift to express ourselves in a reality created through the mechanism of contrast. (Are we having fun yet?) Seems I forgot, as did most of us, to read the small print regarding this well-timed opportunity. It reads:

“Those accepting this once in an eternity opportunity must agree to submit to long-term amnesia until the opportunity has ‘played itself out.’ Opportunity not valid unless accompanied by said amnesia.”

Oops, try this, it might be easier: “Those accepting this once in an eternity opportunity must agree to submit to long-term amnesia until the opportunity has ‘played itself out.’ Opportunity not valid unless accompanied by said amnesia.” [Hmmm…'long-term' – 'played out'…not sure that sounds good.]

Here we are … all of us who joyfully, playfully, seriously and lovingly accepted the above agreement. Can you sense that this opportunity/agreement is approaching the ‘played out’ point? Are you beginning to feel the amnesia eroding away, leaving you with glimpses of a self vaguely familiar, strangely powerful, and slightly … maybe a little more than slightly … bewildered, bruised and dazed? Could be you are one of a large number of people beginning to remember. Remember what? That we are in the throes of a renaissance, remembering the delightful sense of great expectation and expansiveness of this opportunity. The sense of readiness is stirring us to move into the consciously active process of shaking off the amnesiac state and claiming ourselves AS our SELF.

What would that process look like? Without doubt each individual would have their own unique way of supporting this process of wakefulness. Keep in mind we have an infinite amount of possibilities to work with … no need for duplication. Yet, there is an interesting paradox around life on planet Earth. One way to describe this contradiction is: alone, we are a one-of-a-kind creation; no two of us are exactly alike [not even identical twins]. No two of us sparkle at the same brilliance. AND when we offer support, guidance, direction, loving arms, and listening attitudes to one another, our uniqueness expands into an increasing brightness, illuminating our Oneness.

With this paradox in mind, it seems that ‘pooling’ our love and spiritual resources is a sure and steady way to shed the shroud of amnesia draping us. SRi was conceived just for that purpose. Someone said, “Timing is everything.” Another sage mumbled: “If not now, when? If not here, where? If not you, who?”

Well ………

When? This now moment!
Where? There are lots of wheres, and you’re at one of them: spiritualresources.info.
Who? You, me, and everyone else who is willing to offer their time, experience, compassion and gifts.

Oh, almost forgot. Remember the small print in the opportunity agreement, the part about amnesia? There was yet another line in even smaller print … it was really hard to read, easy to miss. But here it is, now found and easy to read: “Opportunity open to all. The part about amnesia is optional and included here to make things more interesting for participants. To negate the amnesia clause, open your heart and have fun.”