Flash Thoughts: Musings around what if …

Flash Thoughts: things that pop into our heads for rapid and relevant consideration; differing from thoughts in general by their ability to shift consciousness into expanded awareness.

What if attaining affluence actually requires us to rethink bargains and ‘saving a buck’? What if bargain was actually two words (bar: a thing that blocks the way or prevents further movement;gain: an increase in wealth, earnings advantage; improvement = bargain), meaning that every time we let a bargain dictate where or what we spend money on, we actually turn off the flow of abundance?

What if ‘not caring’ was actually a powerful form of surrender, when we trust that this is a compassionate universe willing to support our true hearts’ desires?

What if ‘why’ (concerning a problem) is seldom a helpful question to ask, one that tends to keep us in the problem? What if we answered the question ‘why’ with ‘because,’ and then dropped the whole dilemma? Or, what if we asked instead: ‘How else can this be viewed?’ ‘What else is possible?’ Or, ‘Who told me this was the way it had to be?’

What if, instead of asking, ‘What’s wrong with this (situation, person, etc.)?’ we asked, ‘What’s right with this …?’ In doing so, we’re choosing to gravitate toward the positive. (See Principle of Polarity).

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