2012: Hopes, Wishes, Dreams Fulfilled Through The Congruency of Love

Each past New Year carried a familiar sense of expected freshness and change – with a resolution or two thrown in for tradition’s sake. 2012 has a feeling all Its own. It feels strong and demanding. Resolutions and traditions don’t seem to fit in this New Year. I thought it might be fun to talk to the New Year – as if it were a kind of presence already completed and hanging around with its newness just waiting to be called  into expression.

When I sat in silence this morning, I asked if  I could talk to It. It whispered to me, “I am not a year for sissies or the faint of heart. I am the year of expansion, discovery and miracles; I bring the opportunity to recover the lost memory of who you are; I am the year in which you will be offered true inner power.” At this point It was no longer a whisper but a strong, confident voice. “I am like a wind that creates a swirling vortex to carry you upward, spiraling ever higher, if you will let me.”

I couldn’t help but think this sounds good, but a bit scary. The New Year continued, “All you need do is not resist the blasts of cold, the gusts of force and the hot dry droning air that comes before the wild fires rage.”

”Wow” I thought, “This doesn’t bode well.” Then instantly I felt a warm comforting feeling start at my feet and undulate up far beyond the top of my head. Maybe I did react too quickly to this new 2012 energy. Feeling more confident I asked, “Okay, tell me something useful, please.” I sat quietly and listened…nothing…not a sound …not a twitch of movement. It seemed like a long time before I heard something… then, a whisper… ”The Congruency of Love”…. followed by a deep silence  – almost void-like in its quality.

So this is the something useful that 2012 has to offer, hum.  After some thought, I actually began to get what an awesome gift this is. I had experienced this in December when my Mom died. We were/are very close. She was a dynamic woman, revered and respected on the Cape for her love and dedication both as a teacher and as an individual.  When she died, people expected my heart would be heavy, that I would feel her death as a loss. But I did not. I do feel an energetic difference where her energy used to be on the planet…it is different – cooler - with her warmth not present…yet our love for each other feels the same.. There is an honesty in my love for her and her love for me, which made her death congruent…or seamless in a way. There is no ‘left over’ anything, no guilt, no wishing I had or hadn’t done …. there is nothing but love.

What would congruence look like without the experience of loss I wondered? How would I have known it? I think it would have unfolded as I began to recognize that love is a state of being…not an emotion. That condition of being the love that we are allows us to be powerful yet not damaging. Have you noticed that when you say something that is coming from your heart (connected to the love that you are) most people do not take offence, even if it isn’t what they want to hear?  In fact, I’ve found people actually “hear” you. That is they hear what is beyond the words; they hear the heart’s intention. When I speak only from my mind or the emotional moment, I notice how easily I can be misunderstood.

As I considered what the Presence of the New Year had said, especially the part about miracles and true inner power, “The Congruency of Love” began to take on a greater significance. How can I even recognize a ‘miracle’ if I don’t engage my heart? The mind can only know what it knows, it does not have the capacity to search for or identify truly ‘new’ possibilities. Newness, inspiration, the unknown, these are the heart’s domain. To experience these possibilities the heart and mind must “talk “to each other and come to a place where both communicate and recognize the value and purpose of the other. Seamless creation is “The Congruence of Love” whether it is an invention, a discovery , a partnership, a creation or our own union with our  Divine Self.

As this first month of 2012 melts away I feel as though the Presence of the New Year has given me not just a thought or idea, but a tool to help me catch that vortex and spiral higher – not interrupting the journey, but surrendering into a rebirth of recognition and a homecoming back to the only Identity I (or any of us) have.

My  New Year wish for you, for everyone on Planet Earth is that we live in congruence with our love and perhaps wave to each other as we enjoy the spiral-ride upward.

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