Smooth Transitions – Building Sacred Space

There is an increasing necessity to stay present in the moment and to filter out stimulation that interferes with spiritual balance.  Are you noticing the escalation of energy pouring into the planet and/or the feeling of tension coupled with impatience?

Each of us has an individual unified field.  Think of it as our spiritual presence, emanating from our spiritual core.  We all have it and carry it with us always.  Sacred Space Technique builds in that field. This simple practice evolved from  morning meditations and short 1-2 minute meditations during the day.  I noticed that if I dedicated a few minutes every day to developing an awareness of my personal unified field (which I call sacred space) the day would flow with less tension and definitely less mind-chatter.


What is it?

An energetic area around each individual that can be amplified -  becoming a personal energetic sanctuary.

What does it do?

It maintains a constant high frequency vibration, which is influenced by intention. It is not a DEFENSE – it is not for keeping anything out or separating you from others or your life experiences.  It is a vibratory field which will attract energy of like or higher frequency.   It will not be appealing to a lower frequency, which would have to raise its energy level in order to enter your sacred space. This space is both a comfort zone and a re-charging zone.   Inclusiveness and neutrality give sacred space its power.  Inclusiveness  because it moves towards wholeness, as does all of creation.  It does this through neutrality; not creating opposition but rather creating an energy of simply ‘being’.

How to build it:

If you meditate, begin in your meditative state.  If you do not meditate, sit comfortably and gather your thoughts into a single focus before beginning this exercise.  For example, you could concentrate on your breathing,  a pattern in the carpet or the hum of a ceiling fan to help you focus.

  1. Determine size and shape of your sacred space [circle – tube- oval-etc.] I use a tube of about two and a half feet wide, and extend it below my feet and above my head for about three feet.  It’s good to start with a small area and expand later, as you will be ‘filling’ it with your intentional energy.  Keeping it small and energetically concentrated is more effective than a larger space with defused energy.
  2. Set your intention for this space.  Remember it is not about ‘protection’. It is committed space, that you are dedicating to your spiritual upliftment as you participate in your material life.  Place your focused intention on anything you feel will support your integrity, compassion and spiritual purpose. For example, you could set the intention that this space will nourish and support you throughout your day – that it will provide you with an energetic environment where your heart will stay open and receptive to the divine flows of the universe.
  3. Visualize, imagine or silently narrate the energy into your sacred space.  I like to visualize the energy filling my space by first connecting to my I AM PRESENCE, seeing my energetic intention flow from high above my head, into the heart and then out from my heart into the tube of my sacred space. I hold that vision until there is a discernible energetic pressure all around me  - at that point, I offer gratitude for the opportunity to create – and it’s complete.   At first, you may not be able to discern the level of intensity of your  space, but in time, you  will feel or sense when you are finished. You do not have to connect with anything/anyone to build your space.  You can just connect your heart with your intention and fill the space.  If you are confident  of your ability to create through the heart, simply command the space be filled with the heart’s intention– and so be it.
  4. As your day progresses, refresh your space.   Every time you ‘add’ to your sacred space, reconnect with your intention and release that energy into your space. Once you are used to doing this, it will only take seconds or a minute or two to strengthen and fill your space.  By periodical revitalization, you are creating a spiritual habit –  a neuro-short cut that will activate and perpetuate  itself with very little maintenance.

There are countless thoughts, fears, temptations and aberrant energetic patterns floating in the ether.   Everyday we field these energies as they pass by/through our awareness, and everyday, many of those patterns lodge in our consciousness, cluttering our mind and siphoning off life force energy. The Sacred Space Technique lessens the influx and influence of such energies.  Using this exercise daily helps to connect  us with inner resources and inspiration, which are often lost to mindless mind-chatter.   Maintaining sacred space develops confidence in our spiritual presence, making it easier to transform our lives and shift gracefully with the planet.

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