THE PARADOX OF TRANSFORMATION: It’s not JUST about me – It’s ALL about me

Spiritual transformation is tricky. Is there such a thing as transforming Grace-fully? Well, maybe. I’ve been thinking it goes something like this. First, I have to remember to commit myself to participating consciously in the process of spiritual transformation. You know, ‘show up’ in my life.

Now, what does that mean? It’s beginning to look like my life is no longer just about me, my, mine. Situations and circumstances are guiding me … no, amend that … shoving me into living a more inclusive existence. Wow, that sounds (and feels) a little awkward, but I can muddle through it. I figure I don’t have to include things, situations or people who are tremendously disruptive (at least not at the beginning) or those who truly are enjoying their state of unconsciousness and behaving accordingly.

But here I am, at an impasse, not really knowing how to find a comfortable way to look at life and my place in it. How do I live inclusively AND still be true to myself? Anyone else having a problem with the disparity between ‘global-awareness-living’ and individual expression of one’s here-and-now?

Pause for a little contemplation.

Time passes with deep, profound pondering occurring. The result of said pondering?  It really IS all about me. The convoluted, weird, wonderful-ness of creation is that everything happening in my life is happening in and through my awareness. There is no ‘out there’ or ‘others’ doing or being anything to me. My life is all about my ability to perceive, intend and envision the world I want to live in.

I feel duly chagrined when I remember how simply Gandhi stated this: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” That is the secret to Grace-filled spiritual transformation. It is only a secret because it is so simple most of us figure it can’t work. You know, it’s the ‘What difference will my little change in behavior make to the world, to Congress or the conflict in the Middle East, etc.’ question.

Well, perhaps it won’t make any difference, directly that is. BUT, it will change me, and I don’t  believe it will take long, either. Simply by living the change I’d like to see in my world, my behavior will change; next my thinking process will change; then my consciousness will change; and, finally, I will be changed – transformed – from a person who viewed life from: what is good for me, what is mine, and what about my feelings – into one who does actually live in a world of hope, miracles and possibilities.

The Hope:  It is beginning to be fun living in this here-and -now. I can make a difference, even if that difference is only me operating from an expanded viewpoint, doing my thing for a small corner of the planet, unconditionally offering what is mine to offer – time, ideas, love, money, space.

The Miracles:  If I can do this, anyone can. Isn’t it written somewhere that ten good people could save a city? Do the math … it’s miracle-generating stuff.

The Possibilities: Endless .

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