There are times during the transformational process when it may feel as if we have ‘no choice’ in  certain situations, especially if we want to be true to ourselves and stay in integrity.  Yet we always have the option to choose how we feel about our choices. That’s not to say that all of the choices we make are of our liking, or even comfortable … sometimes they are not. As transformational beings, however, the choices themselves are not primary. What is paramount is our ability to find the thread of congruency woven though the challenge of each difficult choice. That thread can be described as right action.

We can identify right action by the awareness that such an action will bring us inner peace and a sense of being congruent with our truth. Many times, right action can feel uncomfortable, like something we (our ego-selves) do not want to do, face or confront. At the same time a greater part of us already feels or senses the peace in such action before we have acted.

Right action is not contingent on our emotional reactions. It is recognized by the sense of harmony felt in the connection and intercommunication of heart, mind, body and spirit, and this is what determines the level of our integrity and harmony. When these facets of self are incorporated in choice-making, we are able to maintain our inner wholeness which, in turn, determines our capacity to be at peace with the world and with ourselves. If the world we inhabit is in turmoil, often the most powerful (and sometimes the only benevolent) thing we can do is to choose toward our greater integrity.

We may experience our nobility as humans through right action, as it supports wholeness in ourselves and offers others the opportunity to do the same.

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