Some mornings I wake up and practice what it would feel like to be an awakened soul
What it would be like to live in lightbody
Be a perfect beholder of the divine in all things

Sometimes I can feel the wonder-filled-ness of it. Each time, myself whispers
                 I cannot bear it….it is too sublime
And then everything fades.
Today I woke up, I felt the joy and the wonder of this practice and heard myself whisper
                I cannot bear not being this.

There are no words or thoughts to describe ‘this’ that I cannot bear not to be
It is not word-able  nor is there geometry to envision.
It feels to be made of flows – a kind of being-ness that is so different
And yet I am still in my room,

I hear the kitties noisily chase each other as cats tend to do
                 At 3:00 a.m.
My eyes are open seeing the same colors and objects
Yet they are somehow only vaguely familiar.

I can feel how all of existence is a swirl of movement
One may never hold nor return to a moment once it passes
We live constantly in the gift of rebirth
Every breath taken offers the first experience of a new life.
                What more is needed
When we breathe again we are able to recreate our world into manifestation
                ……or not

 Anything anyone can say to argue for limitation
 May be true
When weighed next to history, saints of the past, avatars and beings of wakeful actions
Yes, at some level it may all be true
But a whirlwind is arriving for this time of planetary transformation
it is prompting us …

                                     “That was then…
When you were tethered to your fears

                                    This is  NOW and HERE.
You are free to BE.

                                     ……..or not”


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