merrily merrily down the stream – life is but a dream

What I’m Noticing during these flying-by days of SUMMER  2016:

It is easier and faster than ever before to shift frequencies and paradigms …  as if all are being carried ‘…merrily, merrily down the stream and life is but a dream…’

  • I started to notice this in June, mostly by watching how other people, in various stages of conscious awareness, were choosing differently – from the foods they ate, to the places they worked.   The energetic support of the universe is still encouraging new viewpoints plus opportunities to step into refined energies in order to process these shifts/choices with Grace and ease.

How easy it is to be in the moment;

  • Each moment takes center stage due to the rapid processing of energy, awareness and perception. The speed of processing eliminates grey areas ­– that unsettled time/space where I’m still dealing with my old paradigm and viewpoint but haven’t stepped fully into the new.

Being an observer of these moments of shift offer self-information as well as hints about life’s-meaning and values others may hold dear.

  • I’m noticing it isn’t important where I choose  to shift to or what I choose to leave behind that offers me the most self-information.  It is how I choose to make those decisions.  How I leave or how I claim a model of living – with compassion, allowance, respect – with assertion, personal neediness, energetic greed – the how defines my path more than the path itself.

What I notice most about these times is more peace, more passion for the wishes of my heart and more harmony come as I relax into each moment.  Consider, a moment can only last a moment and I believe, no matter what the moment may bring, we each can hold our faith, our vision, our tongue even, for just a moment…then we may choose again.

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