I’m noticing it is harder to stay present and feel grounded in my life.   The days pass, the hours barely countable and we are already into October.  If I didn’t have the constancy of weekly trash pick-up, I’d have no markers to tell the day of the week.  A sad state of affairs when my recycling bin carries more clout than my social itinerary.

I have done grounding exercises…feeling the Earth beneath, sending roots from the bottom of my feet deep into the ground as a way for stabilizing body, mind, consciousness.   It used to work.   I would feel solidly present and connected to my material life …. but now­­ –– not so much.

The planet wide tumultuous energies and chaos have made connecting into the earth less effective; and for me, disturbingly melancholy.  I asked for intervention from the multiverse.  It answered with a simple statement (complete with directions) …” Ground yourself up  and stabilize down onto the top of the Earth’s hologram.”

I’ve been doing this exercise for two weeks and it has made a difference for me.  I even started doing  at night before bed and found it gave me a soft, restorative sleep.

Here’s the exercise:

 Grounding Up

In a quiet space (sitting or standing):

Take a breath:  Become aware of/scan the 7 major in-body chakras (crown-brow-throat- HEART -solar plexus- abdominal- root)… as well as 2 out-of-body chakras: – one chakra is 6-8 inches above and 2inches forward of the center of your head and the other, 8 inches below the spine.
Feel yourself unwind as you exhale.

Take a breath:  Feel gratitude for the opportunity to expand your awareness – simultaneously seeing your heart chakra’s soft pulsing light expand to include the in-body chakras above and below the heart  - let the light extend to the outer chakras, one above your head and one below the spine  – all enclosed in the heart’s pulsing light.

Take a breath:  With your intension – from the below spine out-of-body chakra put down three streams of light that will form an equilateral tripod on the earth’s surface beneath you.

Take a breath:  Recognize this tripod is gently connecting you to the earth’s hologram and can function as your heart – body – mind – energetic stabilizer.

Feel gratitude as you exhale.

Take a breath:   With your intention – from the above head out-of-body chakra send up a silver stream of light connecting you to your High (divine) Self.
Release (surrender) into your High Self as you exhale.

Take breath:  Acknowledge you are now ‘grounding’ up – you are stabilizing your finer vibrational energies with the frequencies of the divine within you.
Feel yourself balanced as you exhale.

Take a breath:  Feel gratitude that you are anchored in your divine flow of light and information which knows your needs and your hopes…and flows to support them.

Take moment before jumping into your day…live in gratitude.