A Tale of Three Kitties: The Disappearing Cat – The Karma Cat – The Highflying Cat

(And how they illustrate the changes toward expanded consciousness in ways that make the transition amusing, enjoyable and possible.)

It is the best of times … we are all shifting into wakefulness. It is the worst of times … so many things just don’t make sense and are simply unexplainable.

I have kitties … two Siamese: Alexander (the Great) pushing sixteen years old, and a somewhat immature three-year-old, Rupert (The Reckless). Before Rupert’s arrival via air transport, there was sweet Anastasia. She was too elegant for a descriptive title (although I used to whisper Annie Bananie in her ear whenever we played). These are the cast of furry characters that have been illustrating the energy shifts that so many of us are experiencing and, speaking for myself, often do not trust.


I first began to mentally chronicle major energy shifts by watching Anastasia. She was part Siamese and part White Rabbit (at least she looked and felt like bunny fur). Annie had an amazing ability to illustrate points in time when conditions were ripe for ‘extra ordinary experiences.’ At first it was just an interesting awareness … Annie was here a moment ago but now, was nowhere to be found. This went on for a couple of years before I realized there was a pattern forming. Annie would vanish most often after spending time with me in the morning when I meditated. It was her routine to meditate, have breakfast, then settle into her kitty bed on top of the bookcase at the window. My desk was at the entrance of the room .. the only way in or out. One morning, my husband Sam popped into the office to ask me something. He looked over at Annie and spoke to her. I watched her as she lifted her head with half-opened eyes as an insouciant acknowledgement. Sam left after a brief discussion and I turned to look at Annie ………….. her bed was empty. I looked around for her. I knew she couldn’t have left the room unnoticed. My space is not cluttered and there are no nooks where she could be hiding; she wasn’t there. I called to Sam to ask if he had seen her … he hadn’t. I stepped into the hall and looked up and down for her (my back was to the window for less than thirty seconds). She was not to be seen. I turned to my desk, glancing over to the window out of habit, and there she was, curled up in her bed. She was breathing rhythmically, deep asleep. I went over and stroked her … dreamy eyes opened. She stretched, got up and, as she started to walk out of the room, stopped and looked back at me. It seemed to me that, if it were possible, there would have been a huge Cheshire Cat grin beneath her pretty pink nose.

Anastasia continued to appear and disappear at various times as I watched and learned and got a sense about the ‘conditions’ which seemed to have a timing of their own. It helped that there had been quiet time prior to her vanishing but there was also some other vaguely identifiable thing … something energetic in the atmosphere that felt like a wave, discernible only because I was attentive to Annie’s predisposition to disappear. I would not have given the feeling much notice if Annie hadn’t emphasized it by vanishing in ways that could not be ignored.

Eventually, much to the sorrow of us all, she decided it was alright to leave in a more permanent fashion. But she had flagged energy shifts in a tangible way and illustrated physically and clearly the possibilities available to us as the energies step up and frequencies become more refined. An added interesting thing about sweet Annie is that Sam and I both have had glimpses of her in the house since her death. Sam is an engineer and has tolerance, but not faith in things beyond the physical senses. But even he has had to admit he has ‘seen’ her appearing and disappearing. The Disappearing Cat is still teaching us it seems …. reminding us that perhaps death as we think of it is subject to its own appearing act.


Alexander (The Great) is the Karma Cat and, as such, perhaps could be redubbed (is that allowed?) Alexander (The Once Great). What made Alexander ‘the great’ was entirely his self-image. He saw himself as the center of all existence and accepted nothing less. Anastasia was the older; she came to us three months before Alex. From the moment Alex entered our lives, he maneuvered, harangued, and demanded the most attention, most food, most desirable position in the sun. Annie was stoic and would defer to him. He was very small for his age, being the runt of the litter, and we were a bit protective of him because he was so tiny – five ounces at seven weeks old. Anastasia’s life had radically changed with the addition of Alex to the household. It wasn’t just that he demanded and received most of the attention, so much as Annie was blamed for attacking Alex. Many times we would hear blood curdling screams coming from Alex and expected to see his wee body bloodied, or at least furless, from an act of vexation by Annie. This never happened, but often she would be removed to another room in the house or verbally admonished.

However, one day, all was made clear; small or not, Alexander the Great was a devil in fur dressing. Sam and I heard the kitties running through the house; Alex came bounding into the room and under the bed, Annie close behind at a playful pace. But before she could follow him under the bed, he began the blood-chilling screeching. Annie was nowhere near him; yet he was sounding like a tortured kitty. Annie just sat there, waiting to be scolded or removed while Alex continued his death shrieks from under the bed. He actually wailed until he lost his voice, apparently incredulous that no one came to scoop him up and offer unrequired protection.

Once we began to pay attention to Alex and Annie together, it was clear that Alex’s role in Annie’s life was one of badgerer, annoyer, and bedeviler. Annie became an even more patient and tolerant being, displaying great allowance. Alex grew into a handsome normal-sized cat, pushing Annie out of chairs, laps, corners of the bed at will, demanding she play when she’d rather sleep, and taking center stage in the company of guests.

After Annie died, Alex fell into depression, as did Sam and I, and we decided to get a kitten a few months later. Thus comes the true example of karma: “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

Rupert arrived wired for action, unstoppable, never taking offence no matter how he was treated by Alex. Amusingly, Rupert is treating Alex pretty much as Alex had treated Annie. Karmic backlash for Alex, thirteen years later; only there is a difference. Rupert is a comedian, guileless and completely forgiving. The result of Rupert on the scene has instigated two very interesting changes in Alex. First, he is much more playful and youthful than he had been in the last five years, even when Annie was around. Second, he has become almost as stoic as Annie was. His tolerance level has increased and his patience too. He has met his ‘karma’ and has both paid and learned from it. Not bad for teaching an old cat new tactics for transformation … and offering an example, too. If Alexander can shift gracefully, I imagine so can we. After all, we can engage so many aspects of self to help us shift … without having to be bedeviled, annoyed or badgered.

The Highflying Cat

Rupert (the Reckless) arrived in Boston from Atlanta via a Continental Airlines flight in their special space designed for shipping animals. He was one of four other animal passengers: one puppy yipping loudly; one medium-sized dog barking nonstop; one full-grown cat being verbally abusive to all around; and one non-furry, but quiet, ‘something’ I never got a look at. I picked him up at the cargo hangar on a cold rainy September night, expecting to find a frightened traumatized kitten. Instead, I was greeted by a beige bundle of purring fur, too young yet to have the dark, distinctive points of a grown Siamese. He stretched his paws out to be picked up then settled into the car seat next to me for the drive home. I think that flight experience somehow created a desire in him to fly rather than walk.

Rupert is a different generation feline being. As a kitten, he was odd-looking in a most amusing fashion. He had huge ears, which we assumed he would grow into, but actually they are still a bit big for the rest of him. He also had an extremely long tail. Again, we think he’ll grow into it, but it is still a few inches longer than any cat’s tail I have ever seen. When Rupert enters a room his long serpentine tail draws designs in the air almost as if it’s a kind of sign language … he’s very graceful and social. He is also very large; at three years old he is slender, 15 pounds in weight, very long (not including his tail) and of course agile. All of this is lovely except … he prefers to travel off the ground rather than on it. Each time Rupert takes to the air, it is always a surprise to him that he must, at some point land … somewhere. His size, coupled with enormous kitten energy makes his airborne moments calamitous, extremely funny, and also expensive. I won’t catalogue the damages in lamps, vases, dishes, and the occasional glass of wine … but Sam and I agree it is more entertaining than distressing.

It may sound like Sam and I are indulgent cat owners; yet, there is an element about this highflying cat that is unlike any we have ever had. He exudes humor and joie de vive. Most cat owners know that introducing a new kitten to an older cat is not an easy transition for all concerned. Not so with this little comedian. It didn’t matter how Alex behaved toward him – mean, scary, indifferent – Rupert just waited, only moments, before he would approach Alex again. It was as if Rupert had a viewpoint of family which was different than the archetypal bred-in expectations of past kitty generations. It was more that Rupert accepted Alex without conditions, without having to be accepted in return. He simply loved his way into Alex’s life and heart without fur flying or angry growls or the posturing that one would expect. Alex’s objections lasted less than 36 hours. They are now good buddies, walking, eating, playing and sleeping together. It appears a much more companionable relationship for Alex than he had with Annie, except for one thing … karmic backlash for Alex.

Rupert’s kitty energy, playfulness and constant curiosity has kept Alex from quiet dotage. Hopefully that is not what Alex had in mind for himself, since what he has now is constant stimulation, separated by deep, intense naps. The naps are a precursor to wild races around the house looking for good runways … then … the moment of flight … then … the major crash landing (some of course being actually on top of Alex). But all is forgiven and forgotten in a short time.

Having Rupert in our lives is a constant reminder to keep things light; to find joy and amusement in our everyday events; to practice an easy, open and forgiving nature for no other reason than … it is more natural than not.

Rupert exemplifies that all of creation is stepping up its frequencies to expand into a more loving, allowing and playful energy. Watching him with Alex illustrates that one is never too old or too set or too in-bred with beliefs to be unable to recognize and respond when love and acceptance is offered unconditionally.

I see Rupert as tangible proof that the planet is indeed approaching a spiritual ‘critical mass’; we are raising our awareness to such a point that our animals are beginning to embody the greater possibilities available to us all.