merrily merrily down the stream – life is but a dream

What I’m Noticing during these flying-by days of SUMMER  2016:

It is easier and faster than ever before to shift frequencies and paradigms …  as if all are being carried ‘…merrily, merrily down the stream and life is but a dream…’

  • I started to notice this in June, mostly by watching how other people, in various stages of conscious awareness, were choosing differently – from the foods they ate, to the places they worked.   The energetic support of the universe is still encouraging new viewpoints plus opportunities to step into refined energies in order to process these shifts/choices with Grace and ease.

How easy it is to be in the moment;

  • Each moment takes center stage due to the rapid processing of energy, awareness and perception. The speed of processing eliminates grey areas ­– that unsettled time/space where I’m still dealing with my old paradigm and viewpoint but haven’t stepped fully into the new.

Being an observer of these moments of shift offer self-information as well as hints about life’s-meaning and values others may hold dear.

  • I’m noticing it isn’t important where I choose  to shift to or what I choose to leave behind that offers me the most self-information.  It is how I choose to make those decisions.  How I leave or how I claim a model of living – with compassion, allowance, respect – with assertion, personal neediness, energetic greed – the how defines my path more than the path itself.

What I notice most about these times is more peace, more passion for the wishes of my heart and more harmony come as I relax into each moment.  Consider, a moment can only last a moment and I believe, no matter what the moment may bring, we each can hold our faith, our vision, our tongue even, for just a moment…then we may choose again.


Some mornings I wake up and practice what it would feel like to be an awakened soul
What it would be like to live in lightbody
Be a perfect beholder of the divine in all things

Sometimes I can feel the wonder-filled-ness of it. Each time, myself whispers
                 I cannot bear it….it is too sublime
And then everything fades.
Today I woke up, I felt the joy and the wonder of this practice and heard myself whisper
                I cannot bear not being this.

There are no words or thoughts to describe ‘this’ that I cannot bear not to be
It is not word-able  nor is there geometry to envision.
It feels to be made of flows – a kind of being-ness that is so different
And yet I am still in my room,

I hear the kitties noisily chase each other as cats tend to do
                 At 3:00 a.m.
My eyes are open seeing the same colors and objects
Yet they are somehow only vaguely familiar.

I can feel how all of existence is a swirl of movement
One may never hold nor return to a moment once it passes
We live constantly in the gift of rebirth
Every breath taken offers the first experience of a new life.
                What more is needed
When we breathe again we are able to recreate our world into manifestation
                ……or not

 Anything anyone can say to argue for limitation
 May be true
When weighed next to history, saints of the past, avatars and beings of wakeful actions
Yes, at some level it may all be true
But a whirlwind is arriving for this time of planetary transformation
it is prompting us …

                                     “That was then…
When you were tethered to your fears

                                    This is  NOW and HERE.
You are free to BE.

                                     ……..or not”


A CAll to BE…graceful shifting

Those of you who are supporting and bringing in new paradigms for graceful shifts on the planet may be feeling the chaotic energy ‘front’ created by the massive earthquake in Nepal. Fortunately, within the throes of destruction, a more Grace-filled model of existence is being built and implemented. Many of you are the architects of these new paradigms. Some of you may be experiencing waves of confusion, uncertainty or feeling out-of-step with yourself. If so, consider that these disturbances may not be yours personally, but rather a call for your conscious awareness and inner dynamic presence in the world, to provide stability for groups of beings leaving en masse, as well as those in the ‘pain and suffering’ paradigm.

In yesterday morning’s meditation I was led to consciously recognize and honor the divine uprightness, inner authority and expanded awareness inherent in chaos and then to connect with the power of Planet Earth to lovingly evolve Itself and those who have committed to participate in this period of transmutation. This suggestion was unusual because it clearly didn’t ask to ‘send light’ to this troubled region; rather, it was a request to stand quietly and humbly, to be confidently aware of my own awakening and to hold that vibration.

The impression I got was that there are many sending light, love, and positive energy to Nepal, which is indeed helpful. Simultaneously, there are a number of beings ready to exercise their inner expansiveness and divinely appointed power in a different way – that of being a conduit for divine intervention, of being rather than doing. During the disruption inherent in the transformational process, actions are, of course, needed. Yet those actions can be enhanced, even miracle-producing, with the support of those holding a conscious wakeful space, being totally present for no other purpose than to be a point of awareness. Such a stance is transformative for self and for all of life. It can be helpful to remember that we do not have to tell an omnipresent, omniscient universe what is needed here; we simply present an open consciousness, a doorway, for that energy to express itself as perfection in this material condition/situation.

It feels like it is time to redirect our attention from being ‘helpful’ to being full of our divinity – our divine self – to make our action an act of recognition. We recognize that if we can hope for, ask for, strive for becoming an awakened, enlightened being; we are already that, because it exists in our consciousness, and consciousness is what we are. Now we have an opportunity to practice mastering our physical experience as a spiritual self.



things to remember during transformational periods

It IS Possible
Live in possibilities by:  being in the present, the now moment;  asking yourself questions that expand your point of view;  not censoring your dreams, hopes and wishes;  seeing how you have grown and embracing the spaciousness attained while letting go of what needs to be released.

Definitely Maybe
Consciousness is constantly remembering Itself  – consider truth as a sliding scale.   What appears as true today, may appear differently tomorrow without invalidating yesterday’s truth.

See Your Tailor
Take good care of yourself with periodic Earthsuit maintenance  - check and repair for maximum play-ability. You are issued this one Earthsuit – make it last.

Take to the Sky
When in doubt ask yourself … “What is the highest viewpoint I can take regarding this situation?” The highest view will support your spiritual growth, your sense of freedom, as well as infinite possibilities AND it will be inclusive.

Know What?
Know that you know, nothing is hidden from you (adjust your focus).  Your spiritual odyssey is a journey of awareness… not interpretation. Knowing that you know… accepting that you may not know what it is that you know…is what creates your experience and the journey that you are on.  Once you remember all that you know, there will be no need for this journey.

Catch the Big Wave
Notice when the planet gets a heavenly B12 shot. It feels like an electrical energy surge that may go on for hours, sometimes days. Look for that energy and ride the wave. You will accomplish more and connect effortlessly with higher and finer frequencies.

Choose to Choose
No matter what is happening in your life, exercise your divine right to choose (free will).  You always have a choice as to how you feel, how you think and what stance you take. No matter how hopeless or helpless things may appear – even if things appear to be out of control – nothing can control where you choose to focus your love, your thoughts and your viewpoint.


There are times during the transformational process when it may feel as if we have ‘no choice’ in  certain situations, especially if we want to be true to ourselves and stay in integrity.  Yet we always have the option to choose how we feel about our choices. That’s not to say that all of the choices we make are of our liking, or even comfortable … sometimes they are not. As transformational beings, however, the choices themselves are not primary. What is paramount is our ability to find the thread of congruency woven though the challenge of each difficult choice. That thread can be described as right action.

We can identify right action by the awareness that such an action will bring us inner peace and a sense of being congruent with our truth. Many times, right action can feel uncomfortable, like something we (our ego-selves) do not want to do, face or confront. At the same time a greater part of us already feels or senses the peace in such action before we have acted.

Right action is not contingent on our emotional reactions. It is recognized by the sense of harmony felt in the connection and intercommunication of heart, mind, body and spirit, and this is what determines the level of our integrity and harmony. When these facets of self are incorporated in choice-making, we are able to maintain our inner wholeness which, in turn, determines our capacity to be at peace with the world and with ourselves. If the world we inhabit is in turmoil, often the most powerful (and sometimes the only benevolent) thing we can do is to choose toward our greater integrity.

We may experience our nobility as humans through right action, as it supports wholeness in ourselves and offers others the opportunity to do the same.

THE PARADOX OF TRANSFORMATION: It’s not JUST about me – It’s ALL about me

Spiritual transformation is tricky. Is there such a thing as transforming Grace-fully? Well, maybe. I’ve been thinking it goes something like this. First, I have to remember to commit myself to participating consciously in the process of spiritual transformation. You know, ‘show up’ in my life.

Now, what does that mean? It’s beginning to look like my life is no longer just about me, my, mine. Situations and circumstances are guiding me … no, amend that … shoving me into living a more inclusive existence. Wow, that sounds (and feels) a little awkward, but I can muddle through it. I figure I don’t have to include things, situations or people who are tremendously disruptive (at least not at the beginning) or those who truly are enjoying their state of unconsciousness and behaving accordingly.

But here I am, at an impasse, not really knowing how to find a comfortable way to look at life and my place in it. How do I live inclusively AND still be true to myself? Anyone else having a problem with the disparity between ‘global-awareness-living’ and individual expression of one’s here-and-now?

Pause for a little contemplation.

Time passes with deep, profound pondering occurring. The result of said pondering?  It really IS all about me. The convoluted, weird, wonderful-ness of creation is that everything happening in my life is happening in and through my awareness. There is no ‘out there’ or ‘others’ doing or being anything to me. My life is all about my ability to perceive, intend and envision the world I want to live in.

I feel duly chagrined when I remember how simply Gandhi stated this: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” That is the secret to Grace-filled spiritual transformation. It is only a secret because it is so simple most of us figure it can’t work. You know, it’s the ‘What difference will my little change in behavior make to the world, to Congress or the conflict in the Middle East, etc.’ question.

Well, perhaps it won’t make any difference, directly that is. BUT, it will change me, and I don’t  believe it will take long, either. Simply by living the change I’d like to see in my world, my behavior will change; next my thinking process will change; then my consciousness will change; and, finally, I will be changed – transformed – from a person who viewed life from: what is good for me, what is mine, and what about my feelings – into one who does actually live in a world of hope, miracles and possibilities.

The Hope:  It is beginning to be fun living in this here-and -now. I can make a difference, even if that difference is only me operating from an expanded viewpoint, doing my thing for a small corner of the planet, unconditionally offering what is mine to offer – time, ideas, love, money, space.

The Miracles:  If I can do this, anyone can. Isn’t it written somewhere that ten good people could save a city? Do the math … it’s miracle-generating stuff.

The Possibilities: Endless .

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